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Dave Harris grew up in Durham in the North East of England. His father left the Merchant Navy after the end of the war and worked the rest of his life in the ICI chemical plant on the the River Tees, When he was only 11, he left  home to train as an apprentice priest at a seminary outside Durham town, and grew up at a Catholic boarding school.

On his 14th Christmas, his parents gave him a guitar and so began his ambition to write and record his own songs.  After working all his adult life , he quit work to travel and focus on writing , recording and performing.


He has three grown up children and 2 grand daughters.

The 60s and 70s was a rich period in musical history and Dave grew up with so many  influences from The Who all the way to Little Feat via John Martin and Neil Young.  It was only around 2005 when his songwriting skills came to fruition and he started writing and recording.  At the same time, he began performing in bars around town and since then he has produced 5 albums of original material , often collaborating with longtime friends. Although he writes on acoustic guitar, his albums always produce an eclectic range of genres from folk fingerstyle to blues, Latin and Jazz. Although his core is acoustic rock, it's difficult to pigeon-hole his songs which often veer off in different musical directions.  As well as writing a new album, Dave is currently working to launch all his work to date onto the web. Do you ears a favour and check out his music on the Albums page. These include August Moon, The Usual Suspects, Snow on Northern hills, Highly Strung and Hand Picked Tunes. His work in progress is Short Stories.

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